Newswire: New reality show to find remaining New Jerseyans who don’t have a reality show

In the late 18th century, English philosopher and erudite pervert Jeremy Bentham proposed his Panopticon, a building that would theoretically allow a single observer to watch all inmates of a prison at once, the knowledge that they were being monitored at all times thereby affecting their behavior. Earlier this century, Bentham’s design was put into practice with the production of several dozen reality shows set in New Jersey, which will ensure that none of its states’ residents will again escape our ever-vigilant gaze.

As part of that process, Page Six reports that a new reality series is currently being put together for a “major cable network” that will focus on New Jersey’s “most glamorous housewives.” These will differ from the housewives that are already currently under the scrutiny of shows such as Snooki & JWoww, Jerseylicious, Jersey Couture, and Real Housewives Of New Jersey—a program that has …

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