Newswire: New Morgan Spurlock documentary will boldly film artisanal products

Last year, we reported that Morgan Spurlock had signed a deal with the Associated Press to create content based on almost anything about which the AP has ever published a story. Since then, Spurlock’s been busy making movies about the rat population in New York, filming his CNN show Inside Man, and planning to tell the story of the weird colonialist guy in Virginia who stuck a flag in the ground in Africa and claimed it for his daughter. None of these were based on AP stories. (The last one was from a Guardian article, so he’s getting closer.) But now, Spurlock is ready to film his true passion: watching people make stuff and slapping the label “artisanal” on it.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Spurlock is carrying on his tradition of not doing a damn thing with that all-inclusive AP deal, and instead is making a documentary …

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