Newswire: New Mexico town makes over $100,000 selling those garbage E.T. games

For decades, the entire video game community was enthralled by a rather dull urban legend: Supposedly, storied game developer Atari had, in the early ‘80s, dumped thousands (or millions!) of unsold cartridges—mostly consisting of the dreadful E.T. game—in a New Mexico landfill. The problem with this urban legend, though, is that there was a good amount of evidence to back it up. That means it was less of an urban legend and more of a…mildly interesting story about the hubris of game developers in the early ‘80s. Still, Microsoft decided to investigate this “mystery,” and as part of a documentary called Atari: Game Over that it released last year, it went to the actual landfill, dug through a bunch of garbage, and found the actual Atari cartridges.

The “famous” landfill where all of this took place was in Alamogordo, New Mexico, and since the big pile …

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