Newswire: New Men In Black trilogy in the works with or without Will Smith

Since it’s a day ending in a “y,” we have news of another reboot in the works—the team behind Men In Black is planning to relaunch its series about aliens and agents as a trilogy. In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Laurie MacDonald and Walter Parkes, who were promoting the documentary He Named Me Malala, said the MIB revival is “very active” even though it will likely move forward without Will Smith. Smith has said he feels he’s appeared in enough MIB films, and is quite ready to hand over the memory-wiping and sunglasses to someone else.

MacDonald and Parkes didn’t comment on whether Tommy Lee Jones or Josh Brolin would return, but since the first two movies were Brolin-less and the third movie ran low on screen time for Jones, the producers could just move forward with that 21 Jump Street crossover. MacDonald and …

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