Newswire: New Harvard study says media rewards Trump, harms Clinton

One of the great things about the United States is how its traditional ideology of a two-party system has worked so flawlessly. That either-or political system, enriched by periodic eruptions of third-party pressure and ground-up electoral housecleaning, lends itself to a note-perfect harmony between those who possess different ideologies. “Why, hello, stranger/relative at Thanksgiving/employer, it’s time to have a pleasant conversation—how about politics?” is a common refrain in social situations. And that agreeable mass demeanor lends itself well to scientific studies of political figures, which is why it should be relatively uncontroversial to state that a new study finds mainstream coverage of Trump is largely responsible for the candidate’s success. Furthermore, it also claims that coverage of Hillary Clinton during that same period was overwhelmingly negative, contributing to the weakening of her campaign. Let the genteel, urbane discussion begin!

As reported by The Slot—a …

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