Newswire: New Chrome plugin helps spoilerphobes avoid having their stories ruined

The spoiler wars are over, and the spoilerphobes have won. Marauding bands of anti-spoiler vigilantes roam the digital countryside, swiftly dispatching any who dare reveal the ending a movie or TV episode before they’ve had a chance to see it. Those lucky enough to survive are brought before the Spoiler Tribunal, where a council of elders uses an esoteric astrological system to determine if a sufficient amount of time has passed to justify the open discussion of plot points, or if it’s been a busy week at work and we were just wiped at the end of the day so we haven’t gotten around to it yet. Those deemed to be dicks out to ruin it for everyone will be tossed into the Pit Of Obfuscation, where no one will tell them what happened on Game Of Thrones last night and the HBO Go is always crashing …

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