Newswire: New AI project lets Mario tell you how bad he’s feeling

In a landmark breakthrough in digital cruelty, researchers at Germany’s Tubingen University have taught popular video game character Mario to be sad. The University’s Cognitive Modelling Group demonstrated its breakthrough in a video promoting the Mario AI project, in which a version of Nintendo’s beloved mascot is allowed to autonomously explore an environment, driven, like the rest of us, by fear, hunger, and fleeting happiness.

The researchers describe the program as self-aware, “to a certain extent,” and capable of reporting on its own emotional states. These are determined by its environment and the irresistible voices in its headin this case, vocal commands from the operator, rather than the mixture of religion, drugs, and bad brain chemistry that most of ushave to deal with. Mario reports on said states through a complex linguistic interface, allowing for statements like “Somehow I feel less happy :(” after being ordered to …

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