Newswire: Never mind, ISIS hasn’t taken over Tatooine

The Daily Beast is now reporting that the outrage over terrorists invading the ruins of Tunisian Star Wars sets is unfounded. Mark Dermul, one of the men responsible for the restoration of the Lars Homestead set, was apparently angered by the reports originating from a story on CNN, and made the following statement, presumably after picking up power converters from Tosche Station:

“I have been receiving many questions from fans and journalists alike with regards to the news about ISIS-related terrorist activity in Tunisia at this time,” he wrote. “Some people even go so far as to ask me what we can do to save the Lars Homestead from the terrorists…[But] the activity takes place [in] the sleepy town of Tataouine, which is south of Medenine near the [Libyan] border (60 miles). The [Star Wars] locations referred too in the news media are all the way across the Chott …

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