Newswire: Neutral Milk Hotel’s Julian Koster starts a very Neutral Milk Hotel podcast

As reported by Spin, Music Tapes mastermind and former Neutral Milk Hotel bass/accordion/banjo/musical saw player Julian Koster has announced a new podcast that sounds exactly like the sort of thing a former Neutral Milk Hotel member would make. For starters, it’s called The Orbiting Human Circus (Of The Air), which gives off such a strong Neutral Milk Hotel-esque vibe that it could easily be the name of some wonderfully obscure pre-Aeroplane Over The Sea EP.

The podcast’s premise even fits pretty neatly alongside Neutral Milk Hotel’s fondness for old-fashioned theatrical imagery, with the Spin story explaining that it’s about a “mysteriously impossible variety show broadcast from the ballroom at the top of the Eiffel Tower.” It seems like the episodes will feature a mix of stories and Music Tapes songs, with appearances from Tim Robbins, Drew Callandar, Susannah Flood, Charlie Day, John …

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