Newswire: Netflix’s Fuller House will open its doors in February

Now that the mystery of “Whatever Happened To Baby Michelle?” has been solved, it looks like Fuller House is ready to open its doors to viewers as well as Kimmy Gibler. Netflix has just announced that the 13-episode sequel series will be released in its family-friendly entirety on February 26, which is far enough into the new year that you will have already given up on your resolution to get out more and just settle in for the comedy to be mined from an offscreen death and single motherhood.

Fuller House will prove that you can go home again, because it appears your father has somehow managed to hang onto that enormous Victorian in the city with the country’s highest real-estate prices. But that’s precisely where the recently widowed D.J. Tanner (Candace Cameron Bure) will retreat to raise her three children with the help of her sister …

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