Newswire: Netflix’s Daredevil has found its Elektra

Last year, long before Netflix’s Daredevil show had premiered, some particularly foolish websites theorized that Rosario Dawson would be playing Elektra, one of the few supporting characters from the Daredevil comics who is almost as famous as Matt Murdock himself—thanks to her appearance in a couple of movies that we’d rather not talk about. Dawson, of course, actually played Claire Temple, a mostly original character who was first described as “a nurse who works at night.” Now, though, we finally know who will be playing Elektra for real, so hopefully we’ll never have to look back on this story with embarrassment about how badly we missed the mark. In our defense, who hires Rosario Dawson to play a woman who doesn’t murder anyone? It all worked out fine, so let’s just stop bringing it up.

Anyway, Variety says that a French actress named Elodie …

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