Newswire: Netflix viewers won’t be able to binge-watch the Canadian thriller Between

In a move that will please TV fans who also enjoy sleep, Netflix has set a May 21 premiere date for Between, its Jennette McCurdy-driven thriller, and announced that each of the six episodes will drop weekly, rather than all at once. And although the move is a blissful respite from the intensity of The Binge, it’s less because Netflix wants to have mercy on its users and more because of the show’s simultaneous release on Rogers Broadcasting’s City TV stations and Canadian subscription service Shomi. Under the terms of the deal, Netflix ironically won’t be able to offer the series to its Canadian subscribers until a year after its initial release.

Between was created by Canadian director Michael McGowan, and follows McCurdy’s character as her small town grapples with a mysterious disease that’s wiping out everyone over the age of 21. It’s …

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