Newswire: Netflix renews House Of Cards for a fourth season

Most likely based on the fact that it has literally no reason not to, Netflix has renewed House Of Cards for a fourth season. Netflix doesn’t announce how many people watch its original shows, and it doesn’t have to worry about advertisers, so the only reason House Of Cards exists in the first place is so people will talk about Netflix. Seeing as how that’s what we’re doing right now, House Of Cards season four is already a success. Congratulations, Netflix! Variety says production will start this summer—though showrunner Beau Willimon admits that he and the writers have been secretly working on it for months—with the new season to premiere at some point in 2016.

It’ll be interesting to see where a fourth season of House Of Cards takes Kevin Spacey’s Frank Underwood and Robin Wright’s Claire Underwood, since—spoiler alert …

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