Newswire: Netflix knows just how long it took you to finish Breaking Bad

Netflix isn’t shy about sharing viewership data—the streaming giant is usually more than happy to summarize said data to let audiences know just how they ended up watching The Ranch (the answer: pretty pictures). But while Netflix will probably continue to abstain from releasing the raw data on exactly how many people are taking in Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt and Peaky Blinders on an average weeknight, it has just disclosed how long it takes them to get through a season of one of those shows.

The New York Times reports that Netflix has shared the results of a study it conducted to “track its global base of subscribers and how they watched the first seasons of more than 100 television series over a recent seven-month stretch.” Cindy Hollan, Netflix’s vice president for original content, said that the company’s identified “patterns,” but unlike a typical Netflix marathon, that …

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