Newswire: Netflix breaks up with Epix, Hulu swoops in with a shoulder to cry on

It’s always tragic when someone decides that they’re too good for an old friend. Oh sure, they value the time they spent with them, but they’ve got a bunch of new friends now, and these new friends are all produced in-house, so they don’t have to pay anyone for the rights to hang out with them. As usual, we lost track of the metaphor there a little bit, but the point is that Netflix has decided to allow its contract with premium cable network Epix to expire, which will result in a bunch of relatively recent big-name films leaving the streaming service.

Netflix and Epix originally got together in 2010 as a way to promote the Lionsgate, Paramount, and MGM films that Epix had the rights to, in a deal that also gave Netflix’s streaming service a big boost of recognizable content. However, like with …

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