Newswire: Netflix and Hulu divvy up the spoils of cable and network TV

Like the Berlin Conference of 1884 that carved up the African continent into a brightly colored map (for colonization and trade regulation purposes), Netflix and Hulu are snapping up swaths of existing programs, organizing them according to red and green logos, and regulating their availability for customers.

Fans of The Last Man On Earth will want to head over to Hulu, as Deadline reports that team green has recently acquired the rights to the Fox comedy. The announcement was made in conjunction with Last Man On Earth‘s second-season premiere, which promises to continue the post-apocalyptic misadventures of the world’s last hapless douchebag, Phil Miller.

This is just the latest content acquisition by Hulu, which has been keen on Fox properties, including Empire, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, The Mindy Project (which it also rescued from cancellation), and Nashville. “Hulu subscribers have been huge fans of The Last Man On Earth since …

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