Newswire: Netflix and Hulu court lucrative shut-in market with VR streaming apps

Oculus’ annual event is becoming kind of a big deal for the fast-growing world of virtual reality. Mark Zuckerberg descended from his Illuminati pyramid to make an appearance at Oculus Connect, Microsoft announced that next year you will literally be able to sleep inside your squalid Minecraft hovel, and now VR apps are coming to Netflix and Hulu, according to Mashable.

Perhaps sensing that we’ll all soon be feeling pretty stupid for selling a kidney to pay for that 60-inch TV, Netflix is first out of the gate with an app already on sale in Samsung’s Gear VR store. No, it won’t let you climb into Gustavo Fring’s superlab and cook meth alongside Heisenberg, but it will let you access your Netflix account directly from your Samsung goggles, sparing you from having to interact with the drab Samsung pixel monolith gathering dust in your “VR room …

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