Newswire: Netflix acquires wacky Hitler comedy Look Who’s Back

Some kids today might not be familiar with the name Adolf Hitler, but he was pretty famous back in the day for being in charge of Germany during World War II, having a dumb mustache, and for murdering six million people in an extensive genocidal rampage. More recently, German director David Wnendt made a wacky comedy about Hitler called Look Who’s Back that imagines what it would be like if he suddenly returned to modern Germany, and it features goofy scenes where one of the most undeniably evil people in the history of the world struggles with setting up an email account, goes on talk shows to talk about being evil, and criticizes modern skinheads for not being evil enough.

Now, Netflix has picked up the international distribution rights to Look Who’s Back, so people all over the world will soon be able to laugh at the wacky …

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