Newswire: Neil Young is protesting GMOs with an anti-Monsanto album

Neil Young, the legendary singer-songwriter who once called for audiences to “keep on rockin’ in the free world,” is now trying to impede a harmless agricultural corporation from doing just that. As reported by Rolling Stone, Young has announced that his next album will be titled The Monsanto Years, and it will be “an upbeat review” of the eponymous company and its genetically modified seeds that may or may not be killing us right at this very moment. Young won’t be putting on one of his wide-brimmed hats and stenciling “This machine kills GMOs” on his guitar so he can fight this battle all by himself, though, as Promise Of The Real—a band that features Willie Nelson’s sons Lukas and Micah—will be helping him out on this heroic quest.

Nelson and Promise Of The Real made their debut as professional Monsanto protestors a few days ago …

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