Newswire: Neil deGrasse Tyson puts a woman on the moon on The Late Show

Now free of flat Earth beefs, astrophysicist and live tweeter extraordinaire Neil deGrasse Tyson took some time to bask in the “cosmic love” with Stephen Colbert on The Late Show. In addition to detailing his love of waistcoats, Tyson illuminated Colbert on some sky-gazing facts. The Cosmos host shared the origins of the naming of the different full moons, explaining that we’re currently in the “Honey Moon phase.” Then, without any funding from NASA, Tyson put a woman on the moon:

Although Tyson teased Colbert about some of his visual aids—the moon in the graphic shouldn’t rotate, for starters—he did tell the host that the face he sees in the moon is that of a woman. Tyson maps out how the maria make up a visage not unlike that of Wilma Flintstone, which prompts Colbert to provide a photo for side-by-side comparison. Hey, since he’s …

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