Newswire: NBC reaches agreement with candidates who wanted the same screen time as Trump

One of the interesting wrinkles in NBC’s decision to let noted fact-creator and presidential candidate Donald Trump host Saturday Night Live was the FCC’s so-called “equal-time rule,” which requires radio and television stations to give opposing political candidates the same amount of free airtime. The twist is that the rule only applies at the local level, so NBC as a whole doesn’t need to worry about it, just NBC affiliates in the specific states where candidates request equal time. Still, people without anything better to do patiently waited with stopwatches in hand to see just how much screen time Trump would get on SNL, with the final total coming out to about 12 minutes.

Now, according to Variety, NBC has reached agreements with John Kasich, Mike Huckabee, James Gilmore, and Lindsey Graham, all of whom are presumably real presidential candidates that everybody would be more familiar with …

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