Newswire: NBC picks up comedy pilots about parents, the suburbs, big-box stores

Once a comedy juggernaut with a string of classic, “Must See” sitcoms, NBC has fallen on hard, unfunny times. Of the network’s seven comedies, only one is more than a year old: Parks And Recreation, which just began its half-season farewell tour. Of the remaining six, A To Z and Bad Judge have already been canceled, and the rest range from “Didn’t they cancel that already?” (Marry Me), to “Is that a real show?” (Welcome To Sweden), to “I could have sworn that was on TBS” (About A Boy).

As part of its serious rebuilding mode, NBC has signed up three new comedies before its entire schedule is given over to The Blacklist, America’s Next Top Pirate, and Are You Stronger Than A Dog? The first is an as-yet-untitled multi-camera comedy from Suzanne Martin, who created Hot In Cleveland, also in its final season. Martin’s show …

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