Newswire: NBC now has Common Sense—or at least a show called that

Generally, when TV people venture out into the real world in search of content—like with those irritating “JayWalking” bits, that racist segment from Fox News last week, or that grossly manipulative What Would You Do? show on ABC—the goal is to make normal people look silly or self-involved for the benefit of the ostensibly non-silly/self-involved people at home. Now, though, NBC has come up with a way that keeps normal people involved without making them look bad and saves the network from having to pay too many of those greedy writers and actors. Titled Common Sense, this new comedy project seems to be based around the idea that regular people have a lot of interesting thoughts on today’s current events, and just because they’re not experienced TV hosts or comedians doesn’t make those thoughts any less valid. Clearly that’s absurd, but this is …

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