Newswire: NBC has discovered 11 more of Brian Williams’ “embellishments”

Once it was discovered that Brian Williams was not, as he had claimed, shot down in an Iraqi war zone, it was clear that NBC had a problem on its hands. The heir apparent to Tom Brokaw’s rich, mahogany gravitas was put into anchorman purgatory for six months while the Peacock took a closer look at the man it had entrusted to have salon-quality hair and read the news. Now the results of NBC’s months-long Brian Williams watchathon are in, and The Washington Post reports that the network was discovered more falsehoods. NBC has identified a total of 11 embellishments, or, as Brian Williams might call them, “11 pieces of shrapnel sustained during a CIA wetwork mission well inside the borders of Afghanistan.”

The easter eggs that investigators unearthed in their inquiry include doubts about Williams’ tale of heroism under rocket fire while covering Hezbollah in Lebanon. It …

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