Newswire: NBC developing series based on Clint Eastwood’s In The Line Of Fire

We need to come up with a new word for movies that become TV shows. It has to be a name that encompasses the whole idea of taking a two-hour story with a definite beginning, middle, and end, and then blowing it up so much that the middle and end don’t come for months or years. Here’s our pitch: Proceduralation, a portmanteau of “procedural” and “adaptation.” Most of these shows (Minority Report, Limitless) end up taking the basic premise of the movie and twisting it into a standard procedural structure, so this booming genre should just embrace our new word instead of the generic “adaptation” or the unwieldy “TV show based on a movie.”

Anyway, Deadline is reporting that NBC is developing a proceduralation of In The Line Of Fire, the 1993 Clint Eastwood/John Malkovich movie about a disgraced Secret Service agent who tries to redeem himself …

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