Newswire: NBC chairman threatens ALF reboot if Coach reboot is successful

NBC could reward faithful viewers of the Coach reboot with a second helping of Alf, NBC Chairman Bob Greenblatt shared at the TCA press tour yesterday. Presumably because nobody at NBC ever got around to issuing a “Hey, we were just kidding about that whole ridiculous Coach sequel” press release, the Peacock chairman was forced to address the show, which is still happening.

“It’s not a direct kind of reboot,” Greenblatt said, indicating that we will be spared having to see a new actor attempt to channel Craig T. Nelson when hollering “DAU-BER!” “It’s a picking up and it’s an extended family and Hayden is a grandfather, and a father-and-son story.” Perhaps sensing a palpable sense of disengagement wash across the room, Greenblatt then punctuated that plot synopsis with a grim prophecy, declaring, “And if that works, then ALF: The Series is next.”

After jolting the audience …

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