Newswire: Native American actors quit Adam Sandler movie over Adam Sandler jokes

Following years of genocide, forced relocation, and cultural appropriation, Native Americans now also have to put up with an Adam Sandler movie—namely The Ridiculous 6, the Western spoof Sandler is currently filming in New Mexico as part of his four-movie deal with Netflix. As part of Sandler’s commitment to authenticity, the production hired actual Native actors, primarily from the Navajo nation, to play the Apache whose proud traditions inform Sandler’s wayward orphan character after he’s adopted by their tribe. And as part of Sandler’s commitment to his brand of comedy, the script is apparently filled with so many terrible jokes based in broad ethnic stereotypes, about a dozen of those Native actors have now walked off the set.

According to the Indian Country Today Media Network, those actors said Sandler’s film “repeatedly insulted native women and elders and grossly misrepresented Apache culture.” Though certainly …

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