Newswire: National Society Of Film Critics picks Goodbye To Language as best film of 2014

Founded in the mid-1960s as an alternative to the New York Film Critics Circle, the National Society Of Film Critics has long been one of this country’s most cosmopolitan, dependable, and unglamorous awards-giving bodies. While other critics’ organizations function as awards season bellweathers, the credibility of the NSFC has always rested on its independence and membership. Pauline Kael was one of the NSFC’s founding members, and the organization’s current roster—chaired by head Variety critic Scott Foundas—includes such elder statesmen and –women of America film criticism as J. Hoberman, Amy Taubin, Molly Haskell, David Denby, Jonathan Rosenbaum, and Dave Kehr. (It also includes frequent A.V. Club contributor Ben Kenigsberg.)

It should come as no surprise, then, that the NSFC didn’t pick odds-on critics’ favorite Boyhood as the best film of 2014, instead giving its Best Picture prize to Jean-Luc Godard’s poetic 3-D freakout …

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