Newswire: National Film Registry to preserve Ghostbusters, footage of a man sneezing

As part of its ongoing mission to serve as the collective cinematic memory of a nation that consistently swipes left on history, the National Film Registry has released its annual list of films it will lock away in its temperature-controlled vaults, safe from vinegar syndrome and remakes. The first one, anyway: Chief among the titles chosen for preservation this year is Ghostbusters—whose franchise properties are very much alivealong with L.A. Confidential, The Shawshank Redemption, Top Gun, and a bunch of movies released before 1980, before the millennial generation was born, and therefore time did not really exist.

Among the titles from that primordial era are Preston Sturges’ madcap war satire Hail The Conquering Hero; Douglas Sirk’s “shameless tearjerker” Imitation Of Life; John Frankenheimer’s paranoid thriller Seconds; and Hal Ashby’s understated comedy Being There. Looking further back, this year’s silent titles include A Fool …

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