Newswire: Nashville lost a main character last night

Note: The following contains major plot points from the most recent episode of Nashville.

Nashvilles survival has always been a bit precarious, after starting out as a frontrunner for ABC in the 2012 TV season, then clinging to dear life forever afterward. After season four, the show seemed like it was likely gone for good as everything was nicely cleared up—except for a minor Juliette plane-crash cliffhanger. Then CMT picked up the series for its fifth season, adding new showrunners Edward Zwick and Marshall Herskovitz from Thirtysomething. Appropriately, season five basically kicked off as Nashvillesomething, as Gunnar and Scarlett entered their bizillionth relationship-go-round, Juliette was in a wheelchair, Rayna was saddled with both a stalker and a panic disorder, and things felt ever so slightly different.

Some of us gave up watching the show after that premiere, although A.V. Club Senior Editor Marah Eakin tells us that …

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