Newswire: NASA scientist calls Goop body-healing stickers “a load of bullshit”

Many people have experienced the joy of a fresh batch of Lisa Frank or Garbage Pail Kid stickers, but for all the fun they had slapping unicorns or Ashcan Andys onto lockers and walls everywhere, they probably never once attributed restorative abilities to said adhesives. But they just weren’t being innovative enough, a mistake the people at Body Vibes haven’t made. The stickers they carry have the kind of edgy designs you might find at a face-painting booth, and they can heal you. Apparently, they are preprogrammed to an ideal frequency that will set your internal one straight again after it’s been thrown off balance by things like stress, illness, and common sense.

Photo: Body Vibes

Body Vibes stickers need to be worn left of heart or above it, and are supposedly made of “an exclusive material originally developed for NASA.” See? There’s some science involved …

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