Newswire: Napster is coming back, baby

Ah, Napster. Back before iTunes helped legitimized music downloading and LimeWire decimated an entire generation of computers from people accidentally installing viruses, Napster was the best way to illegally get music over the internet. It popularized the notion that music is too expensive, which hit the recording companies so hard that they sued Napster into oblivion. The brand was bought by Best Buy after that and it transformed into a streaming service, but the Napster name died in 2011 when it merged with streaming service Rhapsody.

Now, with Spotify dominating the music-streaming game and Apple grabbing a huge claim for itself through sheer force of will (and by tricking iTunes users into signing up for Apple Music), Rhapsody has hit some hard times. Its competitors are leaving it behind, and it needs a special boost to get back on track, like the sort of boost that comes from a complete …

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