Newswire: Nancy Grace walks out of interview about her exploiting dead children

Nancy Grace, who will soon wrap 12 storied years at HLN seeking justice so that she might scream at it, was the guest yesterday on SiriusXM’s Jim Norton & Sam Roberts, where the hosts greeted her with the same sort of eagerness and openness that Grace reserves for crimes involving young white women. Grace barely had time to say hello or plug her new book or Hallmark Channel show before Norton—never one to mince words himself—told her flat out, “I’ve had a problem with you for a long time because I felt like you were capitalizing on tragedies.” Things did not get easier for Grace from there.

Norton and Roberts continued to hammer Grace on her long career of acting simultaneously as judge, jury, executioner, tabloid reporter, and pitchfork-wielding mob—a person in whom, as the late, great David Carr once wrote, “the presumption of innocence …

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