Newswire: Nancy Grace is still ranting about pot

We were a bit premature in declaring Nancy Grace the winner of the drug war after her perfectly reasonable, intellectually bulletproof takedown of rapper 2 Chainz on her show earlier this month. Turns out that was but a mere skirmish in the larger war of Nancy Grace Vs. Potheads, as last night Grace was back “debating” marijuana legalization with a panel of experts, including NORML’s Norm Kent, who thought she was an idiot. Much to Grace’s annoyance, Dr. Drew Pinsky of Celebrity Rehab fame also found Grace’s argument that pot makes you psychotic dubious, because as a celebrity his opinion matters more than that of other people.

Presumably because it worked so well last time, Grace based her arguments entirely on a handful of isolated incidents of people high on marijuana committing violent crimes, because no one ever assaults or murders anyone when they’re drunk. “You …

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