Newswire: My Morning Jacket announces new album and tour

The psychedelic southern rockers in My Morning Jacket haven’t put out a proper new album since 2011’s Circuital, but Rolling Stone is reporting that the band is finally getting ready to release some new music. The album, its seventh, is titled The Waterfall, and it’ll be available wherever people buy music these days on May 4th. Rolling Stone has the full tracklist and cover art, and if you pre-order the album at My Morning Jacket’s website, iTunes, or Amazon—answering our question about where people buy music these days—you can get an instant download of the lead single (which you can also hear below, if you’re too cheap for that). Also, the recording sessions were apparently so successfully psychedelic that the band ended up with enough songs for two albums, which means a new one is already set to come out in 2016. Then …

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