Newswire: Musician’s union suing pretty much everybody for reuse of old soundtracks

The American Federation of Musicians, the labor union that represents many of the performers who work on the music for Hollywood’s TV shows and movies, has issued a lawsuit against several major studios, accusing them of reusing portions of old soundtracks without paying the original artists. The suit, brought by attorney Lewis Levy, accuses Warner Bros., Paramount, Columbia, 20th Century Fox, Universal City Studios, and Walt Disney Pictures of breaking a 2010 agreement on soundtrack usage, with violations ranging from the use of the Jaws theme in Universal’s Little Fockers, to The Office’s Michael Scott lifting the soundtrack for his magnum opus, Threat Level Midnight, from The Bourne Identity.

Essentially, the AFM’s claim is that its contract with the studios guarantees union members the right to compensation for any usage of their existing soundtracks, whether that comes in the form of the Jaws strings playing while …

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