Newswire: Multiple artists explore a fractured mind in this Moon Knight #7 exclusive

Jeff Lemire’s Moon Knight has been the highlight of his time at Marvel Comics, and the current story arc has brought in an incredible line-up of artists to send the book to new heights. Wilfredo Torres, Francesco Francavilla, and James Stokoe each handle a different aspect of the narrative as it jumps between the titular character’s multiple personalities, making Moon Knight one of Marvel’s most visually exciting and unpredictable titles. Lemire does his best superhero work when he’s willing to get weird, and the structure of this arc allows him to go some very strange places as he takes the mentally unstable hero in very different directions depending on the artist.

Torres gets a break with next week’s Moon Knight #7, which jumps between Francavilla’s chiaroscuro interpretation of cabbie Jake Lockley and Stokoe’s dynamic, meticulously detailed take on Marc Spector as sci-fi space …

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