Newswire: MTV’s serving up some Catfish: Trolls this summer

In what is, sadly, not a show about a CGI Justin Timberlake trying to trick people into falling in love with him online, MTV has announced that it’s serving up a hot plate of Catfish: Trolls this summer. A spin-off of the TV show that’s a spin-off of the movie about folks pretending to be fake internet people (and not, tragically, an adaptation of our fanfiction where Poppy and Branch run a Louisiana fishing boat), the series will explore the ramifications of online bullying and harassment among teens in modern-day America.

Trolls isn’t the only new show the network is offering up for its hot, bored viewers this summer: MTV is also debuting Siesta Key, which the network says it hopes will be “a worthy successor to Jersey Shore and The Hills.” Set in Sarasota, FL, the unscripted series will follow a year in the lives of …

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