Newswire: MTV’s Moonman statue gets a funky makeover

Though MTV’s Video Music Awards get sidetracked almost every year by some (occasionally pre-planned) controversy—Eminem challenging Moby to a fight, Kanye West stealing the mic from Taylor Swift, that whole Miley Cyrus/Robin Thicke thing—the show is actually supposed to be about giving awards to people. Cyrus herself is hosting the VMAs this year (imagine that), so in honor of what will certainly be another controversial show, MTV has commissioned fashion designer Jeremy Scott to design a new, colorful version of the iconic “Moonman” statue. A completely silver astronaut is, like, totally ’80s. MTV’s too hip for that now.

The basic shape of the new statue is similar to the old one, with an astronaut holding an MTV flag. But the redesign replaces the silver astronaut with a bunch of shiny colors. His flag also now features a take on the old-fashioned TV test pattern, which …

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