Newswire: MTV to broadcast new daily live show from the old TRL studio

MTV is getting a big reboot, and though it’s not quite returning to the old music video days—and it probably never will—a new Adweek profile of network president Chris McCarthy reveals that it will be going back to the old Total Request Live days, at least. It’s not bringing that specific show back, mind you, but it is giving the whole “live” thing another chance in the form of a new daily live show that will be broadcast from the old TRL studio in Times Square. The Adweek piece says the show is tentatively called MTV Live, and it’s set to debut on June 12.

We don’t know many specifics, but MTV Live will include “a mixture of music and other elements,” and it should air live for about three or four hours every day. McCarthy hopes it will allow the network to return …

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