Newswire: MTV orders pilot for animated show co-produced by Kristen Schaal

Not content to let Fox hog all of the Kristen Schaal TV shows, MTV has announced that it has picked up the pilot for a new animated comedy that Schaal is executive producing alongside screenwriter Jason Micallef. According to Variety, the show is about a small town that discovers “its five most awkward outcasts all have the same father, who happens to be a prince.” The working title for the half-hour show is reportedly Fancy Bastards, but we hope that name sticks because it’s delightful. Also, unfortunately, Schaal herself doesn’t appear to be a part of the cast, but it does have a bunch of other people you may have heard of, including Brittany Snow (Pitch Perfect), comedian Natasha Leggero, Nasim Pedrad (Mulaney and SNL), John Roberts (Linda on Bob’s Burgers), and Sharon and Kelly Osbourne (you know who they are).

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