Newswire: MTV is developing a sexy, teen-friendly War Of The Worlds series

H.G. Wells’ 1898 novel The War Of The Worlds is a classic, because its alien invasion storyline can be applied to the concerns and anxieties of any era. Plus, nobody has to worry about remembering the specifics of the plot, because the important points (aliens invade, aliens use tripod machines to kick Earth’s ass, aliens die from Earth germs) are all that really matters. Those points all make The War Of The Worlds perfect for adaptations into other mediums, and since Steven Spielberg has already made a reasonably fine movie version, MTV has decided to step in and give Wells’ book the sexy teen treatment it needs.

To do that, it has turned to Teen Wolf‘s Jeff Davis and Andrew Cochran, who know a thing or two about taking an existing property and blowing it up in weird ways. This comes from Deadline, which doesn’t offer …

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