Newswire: Movie theater attendance in 2014 was the lowest in 20 years

In news that might be surprising to anyone living in a cult for the past couple of decades, The Hollywood Reporter announces that 2014 suffered the worst theater attendance numbers since 1995. When even a new Transformers movie isn’t enough to save theatergoing, the pastime is truly doomed.

Roughly 1.26 billion people went out to the movies in the past year, the lowest figure since 1995’s 1.21 billion. The National Association Of Theater Owners (or NATO, as it probably doesn’t want to be known) hasn’t calculated the average ticket price for the year yet, but it’s guessed that attendance is at least 6 percent lower than in 2013. While attendance has historically fluctuated—hitting a high in 2002 thanks to Spider-Man, The Lord Of The Rings: The Two Towers, and Star Wars: Episode II—Attack Of The Clones—the latest decrease is actually …

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