Newswire: Motörhead vibrators are a real thing that you can buy

Since everyone knows both sexual satisfaction and classic speed metal are awesome, it was only a matter of time before some smart entrepreneur put the two together. That’s what sex-toy company Lovehoney has done with its new line of Motörhead-themed vibrators. So dim the lights, put Orgasmatron on the turntable, and don’t worry about ruining the mood with some egg-shaped Swedish vibrator from the future, because now you can purchase a sex toy emblazoned with “Born to Lose” in block Gothic font.

The vibrators come in two types, each with a bullet and full sized version, and Lovehoney wisely chose not to plaster either with Lemmy’s mug staring up at you like you were his raised-up microphone stand. Instead, The Ace of Spades is matte black like the devil’s soul, and the Overkill is chrome like the tailpipe of the iron horse you ride straight to …

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