Newswire: More Comedy Fest news, including a new show and a sell out

Hello, and welcome to another week—one closer to the second annual 26th Annual Comedy Festival. Here are some updates:

— The super secret headliner for Wednesday night’s aftershow is no longer a secret. It’s Kyle Kinane. You can RSVP to that show, as well as the others, right here.

— As we mentioned a couple of weeks ago, The Katydids had to cancel, but that show has now been replaced with a killer local lineup at The Hideout. It’s Tommy & Friends with Tommy McNamara, featuring Derek Smith, Jeff Scheen, Alex Kumin, Charlie Bury, Two Bunnies Eating Flowers, and of course Tommy McNamara.

— All four Ellie Kemper shows are sold out! The early UHF screening is sold out, but some tickets remain for the late show. Eric Andre is damn near sold out! You should really be coming to the Simpsons/Onion panel on Saturday afternoon, because it …

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