Newswire: More actors sign up for Bruce Willis’ latest shrug of a movie

We’ve been easily containing our excitement for weeks now, ever since we first announced Bruce Willis was re-teaming with the writers of Cop Out for a new action comedy. For reasons that can probably be boiled down to “Property taxes are going up,” a whole host of respected character actors have signed on to the project, including John Goodman, Famke Jannsen, Jason Momoa, Thomas Middleditch, and Kal Penn. But now comes word that even more people are joining the film, perhaps with the understanding that Willis can just nap standing up while everyone around him moves his body, Weekend At Bernie’s-style, the Die Hard star’s preferred method of working these days.

Variety reports Adam Goldberg, Ken Davitian, David Arquette, Victor Ortiz, and rapper Tyga are now a part of the untitled film, currently shooting in Los Angeles. Willis is stone-facedly ambling his way through the role …

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