Newswire: Monty Python And The Holy Grail is coming back to (U.K.) theaters

Finally, people who just couldn’t restrain themselves from shouting out all the catchphrases to Monty Python And The Holy Grail—even when showing it to someone who’d never seen it before—are getting their day in the (Gilliam-animated) sun. Variety reports Sony Pictures and British distributor Park Circus are planning to release a sing-along version of the film in honor of Holy Grail‘s 40th anniversary. Unfortunately, it will only be the U.K. for now, possibly because Sony Pictures knows how loud you’re planning to be, and doesn’t want to be anywhere near you when it happens.

The one-night-only event is scheduled for October 14, meaning there’s plenty of time to make the severed limbs for your Black Knight costume, split a coconut in half, and practice your proper pronunciation of “knight.” (Every letter gets stressed, people.) The film will be in more than …

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