Newswire: Monopoly is now a cashless economy

With its newest Monopoly release, Hasbro seems to be willing to do something that our elected officials are not: Regulate the banking system and make harder for unscrupulous individuals to cheat. For its upcoming Monopoly Ultimate Banking, a modernized version of the classic real estate and free market-themed board game, the toy company has eliminated the Monopoly’s colorful wads of cash from game play. Instead, players will scan personal credit cards with a small battery-operated ATM, which will automatically keep track of their cash on hand.


The tiny electronic book keeper will also be used to purchase properties, pay debts for landing on opponents’ properties, and exchange money for Chance drawings through the use of scannable bar codes on each of the cards. Tp use it, players swipe their credit cards, followed by the corresponding property or play card, and the machine deducts or pays off money in …

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