Newswire: Mondo announces soundtracks for Jessica Jones and Daredevil

Marvel is so far shooting three-for-three with regards to its series endeavors on Netflix. Daredevil, Jessica Jones, and Luke Cage have all been loudly praised for their writing, directing, and acting. However, one aspect of the shows that have not been getting sufficient attention is their music. Of the three, the soundtrack to Luke Cage—with its “classic cinema meets classic hip-hop” vibe carefully woven together by Adrian Young and Ali Shaheed Muhammad—has gotten the closest to the correct amount of attention. That’s due in part to Mondo’s decision to release Marvel’s Luke Cage Original Soundtrack as a two-disk collector’s vinyl set.

Well, now the online art gallery and all-around geek-interest store is getting ready to do the same thing for the other two gritty superhero shows.

Image: Mondo/Matthew Woodson

The pulsating and kinetic movements of John Paesano’s Daredevil score will come via …

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