Newswire: Mission: Impossible 5 moved up from Christmas to July

It seems that the truly impossible mission these days is convincing families, happy and smiling in the spirit of the Christmas season, to look at each other over a roaring fire and say, “You know what? Let’s get some Tom Cruise in on this.” Variety reports that Mission: Impossible 5‘s Christmas 2015 release date has self-destructed, leaving the film no recourse but to scuttle backwards five months to July 31.

This would be the same day that Guardians of The Galaxy came out the year prior, and therefore was chosen because, much like Poor Richards’ Almanac advises, “’Tis the date of release that determines a movie’s success, not its quality. Saves nine, etc.” (Benjamin Franklin really started to run out of steam towards the end.) This will put the ostensible blockbuster back into its natural habitat of summer, despite the franchise being incredibly robust pretty much wherever …

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